Halfway There

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Like many people, upon beginning this project, I barely even knew what the Reformation was. My first step was to look on Wikipedia for a broad overview of the topic. Upon further research, I eventually decided that my more narrowed down topic would be the Counter-Reformation, or the Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation. Having decided on my topic, I turned to the OES databases, Encyclopedia Britannica and World Book Advanced, for more specific information about my topic. I think the most difficult part about this project so far is locating a primary source document, which I have yet to do. I may end up doing a more specific search for documents that pertain to my project specifically, rather than documents that address the Reformation in general. On the list of suggested tasks, I’m still taking notes from an encyclopedia-type source, but I’m also attempting to find a primary source document. However, even without this document, I have still learned a lot about the Counter-Reformation. The Counter-Reformation consisted mainly of two parts: the response to the Protestant Reformation and a reform of the Catholic church itself. In addition, I have learned somewhat about the Council of Trent and its efforts to suppress Protestantism. Right now, I’m still in the information-gathering phase and will continue to be until I have analyzed the primary source document. I did a presentation for the previous project, so I’m planning on writing a blog post for this project.

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