Halfway Done

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Mid-Project Refection

When I started this project, I didn’t know anything about the reformation. To start researching, I went on to OES databases such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Ancient and Medieval History Online. I took notes and compared the information of these sources. I found it interesting that just two people, Luther and Calvin, could affect the ways of the people and the Church greatly. At the beginning I thought that sometimes it was hard to understand what exactly each division believed in, because sometimes the wording was confusing, or I just didn’t have any knowledge of the things that they were talking about. I am pretty much following the suggested tasks exactly, and right now I’m on number 6. I have decided on focusing on Lutheranism, but I have not yet chosen a specific subtopic. I have not identified a primary source yet, but I am working on it. My next step, which will be done very soon, is to choose my subtopic, and then I will probably do deeper background research on just that subtopic. Soon after I will pick a primary source. I’m not too sure yet what I will do for my final product, but I think I’m leaning a little towards a blog post.

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