Consciously Procrastinating

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I feel that overall, my project is going just how I planned. I have a fairly good background understanding of my topic, and have done some reading. I truthfully have not done that much, but i did not plan to this early in the stages of the project. I really do not have a huge expectation of what I should have had done by this time, as I function better under a little stress, and had planned to not do much for the first part of my project. When I first began this project, I had a fairly good understanding of the reformation. I understood the idea, but had almost no specific knowledge about it. I began my research project by taking my very simplistic knowledge of the reformation, and researching specific parts of it, which I had no knowledge about. I researched Calvinism specifically, and that has become my choice topic. Honestly, I did not find that much about the reformation to be interesting originally, so i just picked a topic and went with it. However, as I continued research I began to find much interest in me topic, as the main idea behind it is very controversial and strange. One thing that I found (and still find) confusing is the idea of what happened specifically between all of these different belief systems. I understand what they were, but not what they did and how they reacted to one another. I am still resolving this confusion by doing more background reading. I am following the suggested steps, but am very early in the list. I am about at step six, but skipped step three, seeing as I wanted only to take notes when I got further in. My general area of Interest is Calvinism and the idea of the “Elect”. No I have not found a Primary source, and am having trouble in this process. So far i have learned much about the principles of Calvinism. My next step is to understand how Calvinism reacted and acted towards other beliefs, as well as finding a primary source. Maybe making a simple list of important parts of Calvinism. Researching John Calvin Also seems important. For my final project I plan to give a presentation, and talk about Calvinism and how it related to the big picture, and obviously present a primary source. In My mind there are two types of procrastination, passive and active. Passive procrastination is when you are not in control of how long you put it off, and each day you say, “oh ill just do it tomorrow”. Active procrastination is when come to terms with the idea of waiting to get work done, and you decide consciously to wait, and for how long. I am a procrastinator, but I do not consider myself out of control of when I work, I have just put it off. I have been consciously actively procrastinating.

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