Clarity Finally Found

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Mid-Project Report:

When I first began this Reformation research project, I knew nothing about the Reformation. I first started this research by doing the required reading for Age of Exploration. It was not a good experience. The author of the book seemed to be writing about the Reformation in a deliberately confusing way, and it made my entire outlook on the Reformation negative, like it was just one big, confusing event in history that was going to be a pain to research. I eventually found several encyclopedia articles that were okay, and  I soon decided on a topic of interest, the counter-reformation (part of the catholic church’s response to the Reformation).Unfortunately, as I started researching with different sources, the problem of confusion and lack of clarity continued. Even Wikipedia, thought of by most students in Age of Ex as a valuable and simple resource, wasn’t clear. I finally just decided to focus on the Council of Trent, and my searches and information suddenly became much clearer. It just goes to show that sometimes to find clear information, you have to really know what you’re looking for.

Currently, I am through most of the list of suggested tasks. I have found a good primary source document produced by the Council of Trent, and I am in the process of digging into the text. Soon, I hope to find a specific part of the document that has the most room for interpretation and compile my notes and information about the general topic with my information about the primary source. I anticipate the final outcome to be fairly successful, and based on the sources and information that I currently have, I feel like overall, this project is working out for me.

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