Already Halfway There…

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Initially, when I heard about the Reformation, images of King Henry VIII come to my mind with his six wives, but through further exploration, I came to see the Reformation as so much more. We began by, as a class, reading an article that described the reformation as a whole. This was really helpful for me as a researcher, mainly because it helped me gain a larger perspective of the Reformation when I had such a small view of it. Learning about the many different components of the reformation through that article helped me move towards deciding what specific topic I was going to focus on. After the class discussion, I went home, processing the many different things that my classmates had said, and started searching through online encyclopedias and reading the general wikipedia page for some more background information. From there the concept of predestination led me to my subtopic, Calvinism.

Once I had decided to focus mainly on Calvinism, the process of gaining basic background information began. I was reading through the wikipedia page, I came across a small section on the opposition that Calvin’s doctrines faced. In one instance that I read about, Calvin and members of his congregation received death threats, ordering them to stop preaching. This small section on the wikipedia page intrigued me quite a bit and I decided that I wanted to focus on the opposition that Calvinism faced. At the moment, I’m trying to find a primary document written about the opposition of  Calvinism. I have not yet been able to find a document, but I am exploring several different options as to where I might find some. At this time, I’m anticipating writing a blog post to present information about my document. I think that through a blog post I will be able to I will be able to go into more detail about the document than I would in a presentation to class, but this might change depending on which document I choose.  Although I do not currently have a primary source document, I anticipate choosing one by the end of this week or the beginning of next week and really getting started on my project from there.

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