A Different Style of Research

Posted on November 1, 2011 by


While we were picking out our History classes for this year, we had a choice between two different classes. I was told by every upper classmen that I talked to that Age of Exploration was most definitely the better choice. I listened closely to the upperclassmen and heard many common words and phrases in their stories. A few of these were: more projects, less reading assignments, more fun, etc… After listening to the Upperclassmen, I began listening to the teachers about the two classes. I was immediately sold on Age of Exploration when the teachers confirmed that it was a highly project based class. I know that all people learn differently, but I am one of those people who learn from projects like the one that we have done so far in this class. In this project, we were given a time period in which our topic had to have taken place, then we were pretty much left to our own devices. My project was about the Battle of Agincourt and I learned a ton about it. I believe that the efficiency with which my class mates and I were able to work and produce such quality projects came out of the fact that we were all free to work at our own pace and in our own individual ways. I believe that this style of learning is essential for success later on in life because despite the fact that our project had to look a certain way in the end, each person in the class took a different route toward achieving that final product. This process allowed us to experiment with different ways of shaping our project. We were able to try new ways and discover which ones we were most successful with.

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