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Starting a new year this fall I knew that I wanted to try something different. Instead of taking a mainly test and note taking history class I wanted to try out a mainly project based course.  Taking notes on history is not my ideal thing to do; I rather go out in the Internet and find information that I didn’t know before.  So far the course is really cool, my teacher video taped me giving a presentation so after wards I can comment on how I think I did and so for the next time I present I know what to do so my presentation can be better if I messed up before.  In the projects that we have done so far we can basically pick our own topic to research about and find out more information. We have the freedom to pick a subject that goes under a specific time period or category and I think that’s really cool.  If I liked sports I could research sports in the 16th century for example. Researching all the topics that could possible be done is a little hard since we do have so much freedom on what topic to pick.

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The hardest part is finding a topic that I like and I can find a lot of information on it but that also fits the category given to me. What is next is all the researching and putting the information found in a paper or presentation form. So far the topics I have chosen I have found from Wikipedia and so far it has a lot of information there.  I find it easy to chose from Wikipedia since I will already have 1 source to use and then I use Google to find out more research on the topic.  Finding information on Wikipedia and then going on from there has so far been successful, if you find a lot of research on a topic there then there should be more when you Google it.  Researching on your own I think helps me learn better because you can research topics that you probably would not learn in school.  Also it gives you a chance to teach yourself good researching skills so you can gain experience if you have to do research later on in life. To improve my skills I think I should not stop at just Wikipedia and some sites on Google but get more in depth and research less board topics about my topic that would help me better understand what I’m learning about.  Then when I present I can show the class how much I have learned and share with them my experience and how in depth you can get on a topic.

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